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Areas of Expertise

Supported Living

We have extensive experience in the Supported Living Sector, from starting, opening and designing new services to the deregistration of Residential settings into Supported Living service models.


From Learning Difficulties, Autism and Mental Health to Dementia & Older People, we have significant experience of Residential Settings. Including the Turnaround and improvement of underperforming services.

Organisational Development

How your Organisation performs is a key part of delivering good care, having the right structure, roles and responsibilities and the right mentorship is key to this. Ensuring that your staff and Managers are working up and not down will ensure that you can spend time on the KPI's that count and can work on your business not in it!

Our Approach

At Qualis we’re passionate about building the right support package for you, we tailor everything we do around your needs, making sure you get the best improvements and value for money desired.

With experience working in all Social Care sectors, we feel that our skills and experience are better placed assisting others who match our values, to provide the best care, outcomes and lives possible.

Over the years we have experienced the turnaround of single services, large areas and even entire organisations, rebuilding relationships and providing solutions that enable organisations to grow and perform better, both qualitatively and financially.

If you are looking for assistance to change your service type, move into a new market, improve financial performance or quality of provision, we can help!

My Approach
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